Angels in Fall
published by Kruse Publisher

48 pages
10.5 x 11.8 inches
30,4 x 26,7 cm

ISBN-13: 9780714844336

„Karin Apollonia Muellers Angels in Fall is the most convincing photographic representation of Los Angeles since that of Ed Ruscha in the 1960s and Robert Adams‘ Los Angeles Spring of 1986.”

Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, The Photobook, Volume II

On Edge
published by Nazraeli Press

48 pages
15 x 12.2 inches
38 x 31 cm

ISBN 1-59005-123-1

“The book On Edge presents us with a very contemporary sublime – not Turner‘s or Cozens‘ sublime of the awe-full, unknown Alps – but a sublime constructed of our own dreamlike fantasies of „civilization“ projected onto a landscape which constantly resists our imposition. On Edge is certainly one of my favourite photo books of the year so far.”

Tim Atherton, on muse ings

Timber Cove
published by Nazraeli Press

36 pages
12 x 15 inches
30,5 x 38 cm

ISBN 978-1-59005-345-1

Timber Cove is part of the exclusive subscription-based format of the outstanding series “Six by Six”. A total of 36 titles, created by some of the most widely collected and exhibited photographic artists working today, are released in 6 sets of 6 titles each. Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies, each book also comes with a signed and numbered 11×14 inch exhibition-quality print. Titles and prints are not sold individually, as each numbered set of 36 titles and prints is conceived to be presented as a whole at the conclusion of the series. Set 6 is scheduled for publication in early 2015.

Timber Cove is a part of the the third set of six titles.

45 digital inkjetprints on
Indigo on watercolor paper

12.5 x 17 inch
32 x 43 cm

handmade cover: animal glue, charred wood, earth and roots

edition of 10

Gate focuses on the boundaries between the unbridled, chaotic forces of nature and cultivated space, as defined by human culture. The book cover plays with the idea of opening a treasure chest and entering an imaginary world.The photographs are passageways, ethereal corridors moving between the material and the immaterial, the abstract and the real. The subjects become metaphysical demarcations between nature and culture, the cat becomes a symbol for an entity that straddles both worlds – the known and the unknown, shadow and light, life and death.

Gate explores this node between cultural understanding and the uncertain, alluring unknown, of the wilderness.