Timber Cove
published by Nazraeli Press

36 pages
12 x 15 inches
30,5 x 38 cm

ISBN 978-1-59005-345-1

Timber Cove is part of the exclusive subscription-based format of the outstanding series “Six by Six”. A total of 36 titles, created by some of the most widely collected and exhibited photographic artists working today, are released in 6 sets of 6 titles each. Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies, each book also comes with a signed and numbered 11×14 inch exhibition-quality print. Titles and prints are not sold individually, as each numbered set of 36 titles and prints is conceived to be presented as a whole at the conclusion of the series. Set 6 is scheduled for publication in early 2015.

Timber Cove is a part of the the third set of six titles.